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#GlobalMay Newsletter - The last issue

Dear comrades, we are happy to offer you the last issue of the newsletter that offered updates during 7 weeks related to the Global Spring actions around the world

We would like, mainly to thank you all for your participation and your support. "Yes we can!!"

The list of cities that joined the action is very long, as it gets reflected in this map:

We are going to highlight the events from cities that sent a report of their actions after May 12th
1-Australia -Occupy Perth

2-Brazil - Occupy Rio (Meier) 

By the way, next stop is RIO+20:

3- Perú - Lima

Event took in Plaza San Martin, they had an incident with the police and members of Serenazgo Lima, who broke into when a comrade from the Celendín Committee was about to speak..
We were able to continue our event, thanks to popular support and the activists and organizations who joined us shouting "The square belongs to the people and not to the corrupt"


4-United Kingdom

5-Ireland - Dublin:

6- MalasyaDataran 
VIDEO of OccupyDataran raided by DBKL during 12M Global Day of Action

Their message on twitter: "We will not move. We will continue to occupy the square without our tents! Come down and #occupy with us! #occupydataran#12Mglobal #M12"

7- Rusia -Moscow, the stiry here:
They were evicted some days after 12M

8- Mexico 
Distrito Federal
 their video in Spanish Offcial web page:
Coahuila celebrating after repression, video:

A few days after 12M, the #YoSoy132 movent was born, this is their manifesto and their offcial web page:

On the other hand, probably your local asembly is preparing something, even symbolic in response to the G20 summit in Mexico, where our comrades at "Mexico Take the Street" are organizing the People's Summit  (info in Spanish):

You might have seen this small, subtle square pinned onto bags, shirts or caps: It all started in 2005 during the student strike that managed to save $103 million in bursaries for Quebec students.
It comes from the French saying “carrément dans le rouge,” which means “squarely in the red” or basically, that students were in debt because of tuition increase and cuts in bursaries.

It’s a very easy way to support Canadian students against the struggle against tuition increase.


10- USA - New York 
On May 15th Rally in Bryant Park and two marches left on an action tour of midtown and perform spontatneous actions. Both marches meet in Times Square and have a sit-in, read a statement of solidarity, and peoples assembly. Solidarity INDIGNADOS!! video:
On May 12th, #OWS's Offcial blog offered a complete article dedicated to GlobalMay actions around the world 

The #NoNATO actions described from an special point of view:

besides some #JailSolidarity needed:

11- Slovaquia -Bratislava

12- Denmark - Copenhaguen
You can visit them at:


Denmark - Arhus action:

13 -Spain, the map on the right you can see the +100 cities that organized a rally on May 12th

Here ypu have a FB photo gallery: and a press article: 

Spanish Indignados Return to City Squares:

On June 12th Spanish activists will have their "aftermath" meeting

The internacional "GlobalMay" evaluation meetong took place lats June 2nd, the minutes here:

14 - Germany - Frankfurt Blockupy 
from 17-19 May, activists from all over Europe gathered at Fankfurt for a  demonstration against the Troika

Germany decided to repeat the action in Blockupy Düsseldorf

There will be an evaluation meeting for Blockupy

15 - The Netherlands - Amsterdam
Occupy And Take the Square decided to work toghether organizing actions on 12M & 15M, this "flashmob" depicts their success

16 - Vietnam - Hanoi 
In the picture a few Spanish expats gathered in front of their embassy in order to show some support

For more information about these actions and other rallies that took place in countries such as Israel, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Korea, etc. please visit this page:

If you want to contribute with the archive, by sending pictures and videos and anecdotes of the actions that took place in your country, please email

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