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1_ International Globalmay Manifesto
After a number of meetings, the text is almost ready, it only needs us to give a read, a though, make the necessary amendments to make it fit within the context of our Assembly. For those who are in a rushm this text can be of great help!
We already have the text translated to Portuguese tanks touour comrades from Real Democracy Now Brasiland Translator Brigades:

2_ International SLOGANS
Getting ready for the big days, we can make use of some inspiration, you can borrow slogans gathered at our proposals section. Please use them change them and spread them, they are yours
3_ International Map of actions on May 12th
We are happy to present a map:
that is being filled with events that will take place on May 12th
The version in english is almost ready, by the time being please send and email a link and the slogan of your official action to and we will log your event

4_New Zealand - Wellington
Gladstone terrace. Wellington, New Zealand
Everyone is invited to #12M Wellington ‘Speak out’ action. A global demonstration/day has been summed to happen in this day all around the world. It is addressed to those who fight and are concerned about social justice, environmental protection, a more fair economy… All causes have a voice in here since reasons that have leaded to that share similar backgrounds.

5_Mexico – Mexico City
We are invited you to participate in the round table for agreements and negotiations that will take place on May 12, 2012 in response to the international call to demonstrate peacefully against current policies.
The objective of this roundtable is to bring together different organizations,communities and teams that make up the digital and social resistance in order to recognize each other and, if possible, to develop joint work plans. More on this at the web:
Guadalajara, Hemosillo, Huajuapan de León, Sinaloa & Querétaro, also organizing actions on May 12th

6_ Spain - State meeting
The Fourth planning meeting of Spanish Assemblies towards May 12 took place on Saturday May 5th. Here you find the minutes of the meeting (in spanish):

7_ Spain - Madrid
The schedule of actions in Madrid, day to day:
You have access to minutes summaries turned into..guess what....comics!!!

8_ Brazil - Rio de Janeiro
12M! 12Méier! Ocupa Meier! Ocupa Rio!
In Rio de Janeiro, one of the initiatives was going out to the central/touristic zone of the city, and hold a meeting in the neighborhood of Meier, creating new multiplying spots for occupations throughout the city.
Their latest meeting for organizing the event was on Saturday, 05.05 at 16h in the amphitheater of the square Agripino Grieco, in Meier.
Riberao Preto (Gloden riber)
We need and we will create real democracies!
Tired of crises, injustices, corruption and inequality, we face the union of governments and economic elites oppressing us.
Democratic and nonviolent protests are popping up all over the earth and at this moment hundreds of popular assemblies are being held on all continents.
Curitiba - a Global Spring
Global Spring Portugal-Brazil is comprised of citizens, activists, social movements that, together,peacefully, in their diversity and autonomy, want to find solutions and build new models of organization at a human scale, sustainable and more democratic.
And they do it decentralized and autonomously but converging in various parts of the country. where the calling to indignation and for change will be felt.
Salvador de Bahia - #12m Salvador
Events have also been confirmed in Belém, Bauru, Brasilia, Porto Alegre, Salto de Pirapora, Salvador % Sao Paulo!!

9_USA- Worcester
M12 Day of Action and Regional Gathering, by Occupy New England
The day will have four core key components to it: getting as many Occupy groups and participants in one centralized location at the same time for a day of networking and planning, direct actions and public visibility, continued actions against corporations backing ALEC, and finally the flared up "War on Women" - discussion on women's issues (rights, health care, etc...). Bring signs and banners, rep your local group too. We love to know where you came from.

10_ USA - Chicago
People's Summit - Chicago Spring 12 - 13 MayFor more information and registration, please check out our website! Childcare will be provided!
Though the People's Summit will be free to everyone it is still going to cost around $10,000+ to pull off.
With that said, we are requesting donations for those able to do so in order to finance the summit. Donation link below:

11_ Canada - Calgary
12M15M Campaign for Global Change
Our comrades are holding preparatory meetings, we are very happy to have support from that part of the globe.

12_Norway - Oslo
#M12 - Global aksjonsdag
Their call goes: "We will not stop until we achieve our objectives: the 99% will take to the streets again and again until we have a say in the world in which we live. We want global change. Let's turn the streets into the world's biggest loudspeaker on the 12th of May"

13_ The Netherlands - Amsterdam
#12M One People Dance Flash Mob
Detials: RSVP on Facebook: Event Page
The Dance (Example):
The Dance (Lesson):
Join the Flash Mob on May 12 - 2012, Meet at 10:30 Beursplein to put it all together
Mob Location: Dam, Mob Time: 12:00
This action will kick start the #M12 event: Dag van Vereniging

14_ Germany- Hannover
12. Mai - Weltweiter Occupy-Aktionstag
ESM and bank bailouts with your money
Dismantling of democracy, filters and favoritism
Policy for Maschmeyer, Ackermann and co.
Investor fraud, state bankruptcies by gamblers,
Speculation in food,
Gradual reduction of your rights as an employee
Tuition fees and education crisis
Not everything you read is pleasing!
Need to take to the streets again.
Saturday May 12, 2012
14:00 at Packhofstrasse
Please join to share and bring your friends!
Occupy the planet!
We are the 99%.
From Oakland to Auckland
From Tel Aviv to Tallahassee
Expect us!

15_ Germany - Erfurt
Global (R)Evolution Day - Enough is enough- Outraged citizens for change
Our comrades call for a peaceful protest
Join us on 12 May 2012 in Erfurt on the streets!
We meet at the main train station in Erfurt at 14:00 clock.
Subjects will include:
1. Solidarity with all people (both in Europe and Worldwide)
2. Is a new monetary system possible?
3. The demand for the transaction tax
4. Demand for a BGE (unconditional basic income)
5.The implementation of the Energy Independence (decentralized energy supply)
6. Life without weapons
7. Responsible consumption
8. More democracy and citizen participation
9. STOP ACTA - against government, controlled by lobbying "repression"!

16_ Israel - National
Our comrades are organizing demonstrations and actions to celebrate together with us,the main web page:
and the facebook profile:
The facebook event is a general call to the streets in all Israel:
12M Returning the state to the citizens
In Haifa, the 3rd biggest city in Israel, they will hold a march in the city, following a "Hide Park" event, every citizen can talk about the issue "which Haifa would you like to have?"
the interventions will be limited in time and specified in local issues.

17_ Greece - AGORA Athens
We are happy to present the official web page to this event that is central for the actions in Europe:
the full program can be consulted at the page, this schedule of events is open to your ideas an comments!
tel: +346970127255
twitter: @agoraathens #agoraathens
Syntagma 050512 -Arrival March to Athens Video:
Syntagma 050512 - Assembly Agora-March to Agora Athens Video:

18_ Czech Republic - Prague
Global (R)evolution Day 12M/15M - akce Praha
Our comrades in Prague have been active the past few moths, now they join the worldwide demonstration.

19_ Portugal - National
Lisboa - Iniciativas 12-15 Maio - Ideas taking to the streets
Faro - Primavera Global - 12 de Maio
the promotion of the event goes with a video:
Braga -Primavera Global Braga - 12 Maio
Porto invites us to visit their blog

20_ Worldwide 12M VIDEOS
France we received a video for #12M mobilization : The English version:
Spain – Another touching video from Malaga

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